24 Hour Comic

An unconventional page from my 24-hour comic day comic. I wasn't able to attend a hosting site so it's not an "official" 24-hour comic, but I started it at 9am and finished at 11pm, so at least I met the other guidelines. The whole sketch comic is very loose, there are some off-model moments for the characters, and I learned a lot in doing it. Which was kind of the point for me, because I have drawn very few comics!

For lack of a better place at the moment I've put it up in a gallery here. I apologize for the messy scans, but if I were going to print this I'd have to redraw it anyway...

It's about cats, and dreams, and making new friends.


  1. I saw your comic. It's one of the cutest and wonderful things I ever seen... I love it!! I love how you draw cats, they are very nice! Do you have cats?

  2. My family had cats when I was growing up! I love cats; someday I'd like to adopt a couple myself.

  3. So sweet and well-drawn, I love stories like this!

  4. I love how expressive those cats are as well, a wonderful litte comic! If it could be printed as a single image I'd love to have it framed on the wall.