I hadn't used Twiddla in a while, so I thought I'd give it a spin again.

Another character from that gaming group. Just trying to figure out a few things before drawing something with more action.

EDIT: Wow, the blogspot compression did a number on this one. It's not even the same color.


  1. why not load it up on photobucket then?

  2. That's an excellent idea! The reason I'd rather not is mostly for consistency and archival purposes. Photobucket has a limited amount of free space, and since it is a different site I can't guarantee that the links will always be available. When I used photobucket before it was a temporary fix because the blogspot upload tools were not working that evening, and I replaced the upload the next morning.

    However! A little redundancy never hurt anyone and it addresses both concerns, so here's a link to the file on photobucket: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a397/oddriddle/artbin/w09-1012.jpg

    The biggest difference is the lack of "compression worms." I guess I am easily distracted by such things.

  3. wow, the compression thing is awfully ugly, when you come to compare the two images!

    As far as I know, google is just as 'free' as is photobucket. Both have an upload limit in their free version. Both services can give you extra space and traffic, and you pay for it with money.

    I understand what you say about archives. Soon my photobucket account, which I use since 2005 will be over it's bandwidth every month. The other thing is, that I can not upload images of naked people (America -_-)

    One way to avoid the compression with google webalbums is working with Picasa. You can decide to load up your images there either with or without compression. Loading up the image in your blogger create post window will always choose compression.