On updates.

So a few changes in my life over the course of the past month have made it difficult for me to consider doing regular updates on a personal blog. I have been thinking to come up with a better method of how to approach regular updates in the future and I'm going to try a monthly pledge method.

At the beginning of each month, I'll evaluate where I am with my time availability, and what sort of personal and promo art I'd like to be working on, and devise an update schedule for the next four or so weeks based on that. It might very well be that I'll decide to do a sketch a day one month. I might also decide to do a larger painting each week, or perhaps just work to complete a multi-piece project by the end of the month.

I don't suppose my subscribers have any preference for seeing me work on sketches or finished paintings in May?


  1. I LOOVE your sketches but it would be so cool to see more finished paintings too!! :3

  2. I want to see it all! Sketches, finished paintings, whatever you want to post :D

  3. Sketches or paintings are fine with me! I think I'd lean towards paintings though, if it helps a decision. ^^

  4. I just enjoy your work - that includes sketches!! Perhaps especially sketches...

  5. no matter if sketches or finished painting, I'm always glad to see a new posting from you in my reader.

    I think your 'sketches' are often very finished pieces. So, how about you post some loose sketches you do for the painting preparation?

  6. Thanks for the input, guys! I'm so glad to know that people are still watching! :)

    I've decided to do a combination; a four-painting project (yes, it will be themed) where I will also be uploading the sketches and WIPs earlier each week.

    The update schedule will be at least every other day.