Sketchbook, update and NanoMango

So my surge protector battery finally died and I had to turn it off to avoid having a loud BEEEEEEP-BEEEEEP-BEEEEEP going on, so I have to juggle my scanner's power with other things, like my printer and my tablet until I can get a new battery.

The four paintings are in the works! As personal projects they will be a little late; I'll have them done next weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy some stuff from my new sketchbook.

Also, I will be attempting NanoMango beginning on Tuesday. I'm not sure how I'll manage updates; I may just make a master post here, upload WIP pages to Picassa and index them via text link until the end of the month, when I'll set up something more proper if the result warrants the attention. Of course, unlike a 24 hour comic I should have time to think about it... hopefully that will mean something.

Well, that didn't work out. Somewhere between my day job sapping all of my energy and the people who were also going to work on NaNos dropping out, I got about halfway through and just forgot about it completely. Perhaps I'll try the November one if I don't have any other projects in the running...

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  1. Viking kitty! I love the thoughtful pondering. Also, the frogs are clearly owning my soul with their giant eyes. O_O