Bottled Cover WIP

This is a thumbnail from my sketchbook. I've gotten into the habit of writing in text over my initial thumbnails to make sure that I'm considering it as part of the composition.

As of this morning, the Bottled cover painting looks like this. For the fun of it I'm going to try updating this blog periodically with WIPs today!


Update 1:

I have to remind myself to flip the images when I take photos using a webcam... I thought they looked odd at first, and then I realized they were mirrored! (I don't use that webcam much at all.)


Update 2:
Laying in the first value tones and some light color on the wood of the desk. Keeping things soft in the first stage helps me get a clearer idea of how best to procede.


Update 3:

Starting to lay in some more color and a little detail, with some texture in the shadowy background.

Update 4:

It's getting close!


Update 5!

The painting is a wrap! Now for getting the text designed properly. There will be a fresh post for that.

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  1. I feel like next time I do process photos, I should have a timer and photograph my process every hour to get more shots in, and hopefully a smother transition.

    Also, it seems I need a desk light with better color!